Sponsors (2021)

NBC Meshtec.Inc.

Booth: 2W-J29
Cufitec(R) Wipes

Easily counteract viruses simply by moistening Cufitec® Wipes with water and wiping. Cufitec® Wipes can be used in the locations where alcohol, sodium hypochlorite, and other disinfectants cannot be used. Cufitec® Wipes can be used for cleaning environmental surfaces such as tables, and for waste treatment and other purposes.

LINTEC Corporation

Booth: 2W-G31
Floor marking film

This is inkjet adhesive media for indoor and outdoor advertising, calling to attention, road guidance, which can be used for various road surface and floor. This film has great following capability fro uneven surface like asphalt.

NEION Film Coatings Corp.

Booth: 2W-E31
Shikkuin Tape

A series of PSA-film Tapes with "plaster" coated on the back side of them, which has anti-bacterial and anti-viral effects. The infectivity of the virus can be reduced by 99.9% in 2 hours.

Floor Stickers for Instruction of Social Distancing

Anti-slip, non-PVC, floor POP that can be got removed without PSA residue. It is a product that is easy to used safe and environment friendly.

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