Exhibition Categories 2023

Convertech Japan 2023

Coater, vacuum film deposition devices, laminators, printing machines, slitters, rewinders, film forming devices and related equipment, inspection equipment, control systems, rollers, web handling devices, static and dust removal equipment, blades, testing / measuring / analysis equipment, pulverizers / mixers, other peripheral equipment

Flexible manufacturing zone
Converting and printing machinery for flexible manufacturing, digital printing, contracting services for flexible converting.
Smart manufacturing zone
Control systems (web control, web guides), web defect inspection and measuring systems, printing inspection systems, sensors, communication modules and devices, FA equipment, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning systems), production control systems, on-site manufacturing systems, etc.

neo functional material 2023

New Value Generating Functional Materials

Materials zone
Functional materials, functional resins / additives, coatings / paints / inks, adhesives, PSA / release agents, etc.
Composite materials zone
Light-weighting plastics (thermoplastics / thermosetting plastics / CFRP / GFRP / composites) / composites (CNT / CNF / glass fiber / other fillers) / compositing technology / equipment, joining technology, surface treatment technology, etc.
Digital R&D zone
Materials informatics (materials search, property prediction, first-principles calculation, etc.) / process informatics (process search, real-time sensing, process simulation, etc.) / common technology (autonomy search system, high-throughput experimentation / AI robot, analysis / evaluation / measurement, etc.)
Functional paper zone
Functional paper, paper / special paper, pulp / raw fiber / wood materials (cellulose / CNF / biomass plastic) / paper making materials, paper making chemicals, nonwoven fabric, functional fibers / fiber sheets / compound materials, filters, etc.
Prototyping / Contracting zone
Contracted manufacturing, research, analysis, measuring, prototyping, pilot production, OEM, R&D support (test sample production, etc.), consulting, etc.


MONOZUKURI for "people, society, and the earth".

This is an exhibition that targets IT technologies such as resource recycling platforms, as well as cutting-edge materials and processing that aim to realize a sustainable society and circular economy.

Bioplastics (bio-based plastics / biodegradable plastics), wood-sourced materials (paper / cellulose / tar / lignin), mineral-sourced materials (limestone / calcium carbonate / mica / glass / mineral wool / glass fiber / carbon fiber / cement, etc.) / untapped resources, ethical resources, etc.
Processing equipment
Converting-related equipment : film cleaning device, solvent recovery system / solvent recycling system, deodorizing device / VOC abatement equipment / exhaust gas treatment device, solvent-free technology, energy saving system, etc.
Recycling equipment : crusher / pulverizer, cutting machine / shredder, sorting machine / compactor, plastic pelletizing machine, granulator / molding machine, melting machine, etc.
IT, others
Resource circulation platform / digital service / consulting, etc.

JFlex 2023

“Flex, Stretch, Connect” Dedicated flexible device exhibition for the era of 5G

Flexible substrates (plastic films, textiles, paper, metal foils, glass, etc.), conductive materials (e-textile, anti-static agents, conductive polymers, metal inks / pastes, nanoink, insulating materials, semiconductors, coatings, etc.
Organic TFT (display, sensor), OLED (display, lighting), display (LCD, e-paper, LED), photovoltaics, flexible batteries, sensors(temperature, humidity, Bio-sensors, EMG, ECG) , biometrics, wireless devices (RFID, wireless power supply, etc.), etc.
[Process Technologies]
Printing / related equipment (gravure, inkjet, screen, flexo, transfer printing, photolithography, etc.), FHE (flexible hybrid electronics), imprint, sputtering, micro-pattern exposure equipment.
[Measurement / Analysis]
Onsite measurement / analysis, embedded measurement / analysis, new measurement / analysis methods, durability / reliability evaluation, etc.
Visualization software, AI (cloud, edge), Security, Services, Development tools, etc.


Specialized in the Decoration Technologies that Create New Value through the Fusion of Ornamentation and Function

[Decorative Film / Transfer Foil]
In-mold lamination film, in-mold transfer film, overlay transfer film, overlay lamination film, water transfer film, deposition film, transfer foil, hologram film, etc.
[Decorative / Transfer Equipment]
3D decorative molding technology, insert molding, in-mold lamination, in-mold decoration, surface decoration technology, trimming equipment, die-molds, etc.
[Converting Technology]
Decoration, molding, graining, hair lining, sandblasting, heat & cool molding, decorative plating, coating, gloss application, finishing technologies, design, etc.
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