Exhibition Information 2020


Application Method

Please fax the “Application Form” after filling in all required items.

  1. Application Deadline :
    September 30, 2019

    * However, if all spaces are reserved prior to the deadline, the application will no longer be accepted, so please apply early.
  2. Exhibition Fee Payment : An invoice will be sent after receiving the official application.
    * Please make a bank transfer of the exhibition fee to the indicated bank account by the date indicated on the invoice.
  3. Application Cancellation : As a general rule, cancellation may not be made after submitting the application form.
    * However, if the executive office determines cancellation is unavoidable, cancellation shall be accepted upon payment of the cancellation fees listed in the chart to the right.
  4. Change of Tax rate :
    Application forms received by March 31, 2019 (JST): 8% tax rate will be applied
    Application forms received on / after April 1, 2019 (JST): 10% tax rate will be applied
Based on the date cancellation notification was received in writing. Cancellation Fee Rate
From Jun. 29 to Sep. 30, 2019 50% of the invoiced amount (including taxes).
From Oct. 1, 2019 100% of the invoiced amount (including taxes).

Space and Exhibition Fee

(1 space = 3m×3m)

Corporations Exhibition fee: 345,600 JPY
Government organizations / University laboratories Exhibition fee: 172,800 JPY
Option Exhibitor presentation (30 mins)
*Maximum 2 slots for a exhibitor
Presentation fee: 108,000 JPY
[Only for Material design / development solutions zone]
Exhibitor presentation (15 mins × 2 times) *1 slot only
Presentation fee: 86,400 JPY

* Booth locations shall be chosen by the organizer based on date of application, number of spaces, and past participation.

Package Booth Plan Guide

One Booth Package Plan * There are two and three booths package plans.

Reference Price
129,600 JPY
(tax included)
One pacakge booth includes
Items Number
Display table (W990mm×D990mm×H750mm) 3
Reception counter (W900mm×D450mm×H800mm) 1
Parapet (H300mm) 3m
Company name plate (W1200mm×H200mm) 1
Folding chair 2
Catalog stand (A4 paper size 12 tiers) 1
Business card box 1
Spot light (100W) 3
Floor carpet 9m2
Power (including electricity fee) 1kW
Outlet (2 plugs) 1
Trash can 1
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